Parking Department

Parking Permit Applications

Telephone 570-253-0731, extension 11, for more information.


Parking Meters accept quarters only.

EV Charging Station Location:  640 Main Street, Honesdale.



The parking permit application for the municipal parking lot located at 640 Main Street known as the Park and Shop Lot is listed below:

2021 Park & Shop Lot

Parking permit applications are also available for use at 10-hour parking meters east of Church Street. Application are listed below:

2021 Annual 10 Hour Application

2021 10 Hour Monthly Application

2021 Quarterly 10 Hr Application

  Contact the Borough Office at 570-253-0731, extension 11, if you are interested in a parking permit at a long term meter or a residential parking permit for your tenants or yourself on the designated streets, complete one of the following applications.

2121 Homeowner Application

2021 Tenant Application

Note: Chapter 195 applicable fees can be found in the Borough’s fee schedule located under the FORMS tab from the Home Screen.


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