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********* Special Announcements *********

Honesdale Borough is an equal opportunity provider and employer.


5th Street Bridge Replacement

The Wilbur Pohle pedestrian bridge located at 5th Street will be closed beginning April 5, 2021.  The bridge is being replaced.  Tentative reopen date is May 31, 2021.

  Documentation for Review

The following  items are available for review:

Draft Amendment to Chapter 179 Streets and Sidewalks: DRAFT amendment Chapter 179 Streets and Sidewalks

Submit written comments via email ( or mail 958 Main Street, Honesdale PA 18431.  Planned action for May meeting after public review.

Statement on Black and Brass read at May 3, 2021 Council meetingStatement on Black and Brass

Greater Honesdale  Partnership Links:

Wayne County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update:—Final

The proposed media ordinance was sent to a sub-committee consisting of Councilors James Jennings, Jared Newbon and James Brennan.   The sub-committee will present a report to Councilors at the regularly scheduled meetings of their progress.



Yard Debris Collection will begin April 12, 2021.

Agency Meetings and Hearings

Refer to appropriate agency’s webpage on this site for dates and times of agency meetings and hearings or call the Borough Office at 570-253-0731. For each hearing, a public document file will be available for review by citizens.

Council Minutes Available Online

The link to previous Council minutes is


Ordinances and Resolutions Available Online

The Code of the Borough of Honesdale has been made available through a program entitled eCode360. The link to the eCode360 is Newly passed ordinances and resolutions not incorporated in the Code of the Borough of Honesdale can be found under the Legislation subsection not New Laws subsection.


Borough Calendar of Events -COVID RESTRICTIONS

Approvals for  future events scheduled will not be placed on the Borough Calendar  because COVID restrictions may prevent the event from occurring.  Inquiries may be made at the Borough Office, 570-253-0731.

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