Building & Zoning Forms

Building & Zoning Office

Telephone:  570-647-0091

Fax:  570-647-0041


The Honesdale Borough Zoning Map is maintained by the Wayne County Planning Department.

This is the direct link: zoning map


The current Honesdale Borough Zoning Application can be downloaded:

Zoning Permit Application new


The Borough Zoning Officer maintains public office hours from 9 AM to Noon on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Northeast Inspection Consultants (NEIC) is the third party UCC inspection service for Honesdale Borough handling all building permits.    Public office hours are maintained in the Zoning Office from 9 AM to Noon on  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.     Forms used for UCC inspection can be downloaded below:

NEIC Building Subcode

NEIC Electrical Subcode

NEIC Fire Subcode

NEIC Mechanical Subcode

NEIC Plumbing Subcode


The Subdivision / Land Development Application can be downloaded:



The Conditional Use/ Special Exception Application can be downloaded:



The Variance Application can be downloaded:

 variance hearing form


The Residential Resale Application and Inspection Form  for occupancy can be downloaded:

Form -P&Z-Rental / Resale Application & Checklist


The Residential Rental Registration form can be downloaded:

Rental Registration – Annual


Quality of Life Ordinance   –  Property Maintenance Complaint form is available below:

Property Maintenance Complaint Form



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