Zoning and Building Permit Office / Open 9 AM – 1 PM Monday through Friday


 Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer’s Hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9AM – 1PM


Zoning ls the first step in most projects within the Borough. Prior to new construction, locating a business, erecting a fence or sign or any other project, it is important to review the Zoning Ordinance provisions. Borough Council passed a Zoning Ordinance and map in 1971 with multiple amendments to encourage appropriate development in the city’s core while maintaining developed neighborhoods and protecting environmentally-sensitive areas.

Residential: New construction, additions, fences and other residential projects require zoning approval. Your 1st step is to call (570-647-0091) or visit our Zoning Office, 958 Main Street, Honesdale, to discuss your project. You can visit the FORMS tab to obtain the required permit application.

Commercial: Whether you are considering leasing or purchasing a business, you will be required to obtain a Commercial Certificate of Occupancy. Our permit process has been stream-lined to ensure efficient review.  Your first step is to call or visit our Zoning Office to discuss your project.  You can obtain the application  under the FORMS tab online and return the application to the Zoning Office.




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